The ReEducation of Ashley Ray (Crazy Love 2) Erotic Short Story

Ashley likes control. Control of her life, her classroom, and of her own body. The last thing she wants is to lose herself to someone else’s command, and that includes matters in the bedroom. Only one man has the power to change her mind, fellow teacher Gavin Shaw.

Gavin lives his life without boundaries. At The Parlour, he can have any fantasy he desires fulfilled; except the one thing he wants the most, a soul deep connection with a woman to share those desires with. Only one woman has the power to give him what he needs.

Will Ashley allow Gavin to teach her the pleasures of letting go, or will she let fear dominate her life?

When the teacher becomes the student, lessons get intriguing and play time down right filthy.

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“Deep breaths, Ashley, you can do this. You’ve got this! It’s just a costume, an outfit. A barely there outfit that leaves little to the imagination, but an outfit nonetheless.” Pep talks usually make me feel better. This one, not so much. I’m a nervous wreck, not knowing what to expect tonight. Gavin has been secretive about what this lesson entails. Add in the fact that he also has a surprise for me and my head is spinning from all the possibilities tonight can entail.

 Walking out of the bathroom stall, I stop short at the sight of the girl staring back at me. Correction, woman. A girl walked into this fantasy club a week ago. Tonight, a woman is walking out. I once again think of the appropriateness that the outfit I’m wearing is a school girl uniform. This teacher is about to have her final lesson tonight. The buttons of the white shirt are all undone; though it’s tied together mid torso to showcase my breasts that are held in place by a strapless bra, and my belly. The red and black plaid skirt barely covers my ass, the clasps of the garters I’m wearing peeking out from underneath. Bending over, I straighten my thigh-high white stockings, then put on my long coat before someone walks in, cinching the belt around my waist. The tight bun I usually have my hair in is gone, leaving my thick curls to bounce around my face and shoulders as I walk out of the restroom and back up to the bar.

Gavin is waiting for me, a beer in his hand, and another sitting on the bar top in front of him. A devilish expression crosses his face as he watches me walk his way. His free arm opens wide, silently welcoming me into his embrace and I gladly enter it. The anxiety I was feeling moments before melts away in an instant as he draws me in close, holding me tight against his hard body. Soothing, calming, that’s what he is to my being, my soul. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?” Blue eyes search my green ones, pure interest in my meaning shining through.

“Calm my storms,” I whisper as I rake my fingers through his blonde hair and grasp some strands at that back of his head, pulling his mouth towards mine. My lips brush back and forth over his before lightly pressing against them together for a lazy, hello kiss. “I missed you today.”

“I ordered you a drink in case you wanted one. If not, we can head back to a room.” Without a word, I take a slow sip of my beer, savoring the strong taste of hops on my tongue. A bit of liquid courage one might say, but I don’t need that courage. All I need is Gavin. I set the bottle down on the bar as I step back from his embrace and twine my fingers with his, walking a few steps backward to show him I’m ready. “The room it is, then.”

Once again, I follow him to the secret area of this club and enter a room that looks the same as the one from last week. His back is to me as he uses the keypad on the wall. I take the opportunity to shed my coat and leave it in a clump on the floor by the chest of toys. He turns to face me as I get situated on the bed. Sitting on the edge, I cross my legs at my ankles, trying to look as demure as I feel. I have to clasp my hands in my lap to keep my fingers from fidgeting, keep my arms from concealing my breasts, keep my shoulders from hunching forward and my head from bowing down.

The bravado I felt in Gavin’s arms earlier is gone as I stare at the shocked look on his face. I take a deep breath, desperately willing my body to calm down, as I don’t know how to decipher what I see flicker in his eyes. He recovers quickly as his expression calms, and his mood seemingly changes from light and even to something dark, ominous. Walking slowly toward me, he asks, “Do you still trust me, Ashley?”

“Yes, I still trust you.” I don’t need to fake the strength in those words. No matter what, I trust him, in him, to take care of me as the night proceeds. A simple nod from him is all I get in return as reaches out a hand for me to take. Once I do, he pulls me to stand before him.

I keep my head up, eyes cast forward as he walks around me once, eyeing me from head to toe. He stops at my left side, bending slightly so his lips tenderly brush against the shell of my ear as he whispers, “You look exquisite, Sweet Girl. The only thing missing is a red cape and a basket full of goodies.” Wolf. That’s the look I was seeing in his eyes. I’m his unwitting Red Riding Hood to his Big Bad Wolf. Desire flushes out all the doubt that was creeping in, and now I want to fidget for an altogether different reason.